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You, father time!


Oh there father of mine,
you father hope, you farther lines.

You’re always moving, on the go,
you never stop, nor ever slow.

You never lie, you sometimes bore,
you’re never gone, there’s always more.

You always spend, you never save,
with stubborn hands away you wave.

You’re always wise and never waste,
you can’t be caught, nor even chased.

You raise a son you’ve never met,
you fill the voids and ease regret.

When troubles near you quick-depart,
but then return to mend the heart.

You dictate all that came before,
and always will, forever more.

Oh there father of mine,
you father of all… You, father time!


Return to Earthling

Dreamy state of weary yearning,

Open-minded spatial learning.



Never ending,

Fragile center eclipses burning.

Gasping life, find the meaning,

Static body,

Transcendent leaving.

Cast away tension, despair and seething.

Brain’s reacting, mind is teething, lose control, gain the feeling.

Free from tangents,

Finite boundaries,

Spoken words,



Cognition trajectory, warping plasticity,

Neural pathways,


Wholly partial conscious journey,

Leaving space-

Return to earthling…

The secret place


Take me to your place
of catacombs and such,
where the darkness makes the night seem day
and whispers turn to screams

Take me to your place
of fields of linoleum,
where penguin suits and cocktail gowns
make little girls dreams

Take me to your place
of cemented pillar streets,
where the dust blows down the alleyways
and it fills you with despair

Take me to your place
of endless little things,
where you laugh yourself to sleep at night
because no one else is there

Take me to your place
of bolted doors and locks,
where petulance is the game you play
when you cant find the key

Take me to your place
of all the broken mirrors,
where the symbolically cracked reflection
is the only one you see

You’re holding on too tight

You’re holding on too tight, to demons from the past
Some will bear their crosses, but you will bear the scars

They’re timeless faint reminders, of a troubled, naive few
Picture postcard memories, of a life that we once knew

A nevus on the soul, from cuts that once ran deep
Whether you conceal it now, it’s your memory to keep

You’re not the only one, who carries all that weight
I was there remember? We shared the burdens fate

Now only time can mend the edges, of a fractured heart
And the infiniteness of time, will give the truth its chance

So bathe yourself in happiness, and wash away the mess
You’re holding on too tight, to a life you must digress

What If?

What if I said I like you
What if I said it the most
What if I wrote you a poem
And sent it to you in the post

What if you thought about me
What if it made you smile
What if you told me to wait
And I waited a very long while

What if I showed you joy
What if I made you glow
What if I took your hand
And said that I wouldn’t let go

What if you took a chance
What if you opened your heart
What if you felt the pleasure
And then let go of the past

What if I said the ‘L’ word
What if I proved it all
What if I made you happy
And then into love we fall