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I. Will. Revolt.


I will be a better person
I will help out where I can
I will commit to listen
I will not demand

I will be attentive
I will not draw the line
I will shelter vulnerable
I will not waste time

I will learn from watching
I will teach by showing
I will be more conscious
I will devote to knowing

I will be compassionate
I will give more than I take
I will be grateful
I will forgive mistakes

I will reserve my judgment
I will share my opinion
I will be respectful
I will not be a minion

I will stand against oppressors
I will fight for no ones war
I will love the neglected
I will recompense more

I will deflect aggression
I will not insult
I will not flee from tyranny
I. Will. Revolt.


Rent in arrears



She catches a bus and a train,

then walks

through two miles of rain.

In a truck stop she waits

on people

to order food

and speak abuse,

the steaks not cooked right.

Wash the dishes,

scrub latrines,

finish by three.

Can’t miss the bus back home.

She arrives alone,

leaves cold spaghetti out for her boys

they’ll be home at four

by then she’s out the door.

She catches a bus and a train,

then walks

with her knee that gives her pain

from kneeling on the tiles

all night,

stocking shelves

up and down the aisles,

but not tonight.

In the door he waits,

yells abuse in her face,

tells her she’s late,

no more wage,

that’s warning number eight.

Walking again

in the rain

with her pain

she catches a bus and a train.

Climbs the stairs

level six

she can hear her boys inside.

Keys in hand

in front of her door

there’s a note,

She reads through the tears

rent in arrears…

Intoxicating Love


A Nightingale whistles when he feels the season bearing,
as he gathers up the foliage for a nest he builds for two.
Hopeful that his love song will entice a partner nearing,
but until such time adorns him, he will suckle nature’s jus.

A little Vervet Monkey sends his call throughout the jungle,
anticipating summons from a mate with whom he’ll reign.
But as the females spurn him and reduce him to feel humble,
he will inebriate his sorrows with fermenting sugar cane.

A sailor spends a lifetime drifting out upon the ocean,
in the hopes of foreign lands- someday he’ll find his one.
In the meantime he takes solace, living with the notion,
that his troubles will forsake him in a bottle full of rum.

And while they live in hope of a chance at lovers meeting,
they drown their melancholy with a special kind of brew.
As for me, I look no further, I’ve found the one I’m seeking,
I’ve no need to quench my loneliness, my intoxicant is you.

Made in China


That Gucci suit and liner
That watch is even finer
African kids dig minerals
And send it all to China

That Dolce scarf and wallet
That jacket in your closet
The way you feed your ego
It makes me want to vomit

That Prada bag and timer
They’re all made by a minor
Think not about young slaves
It will upset your angina

That iphone in your pocket
That Armani chain and locket
As long as you keep buying
You know they will not stop it?

Those glasses are designer
And you sip lattes in the diner
While children grind their fingers
At some factories in China