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I. Will. Revolt.


I will be a better person
I will help out where I can
I will commit to listen
I will not demand

I will be attentive
I will not draw the line
I will shelter vulnerable
I will not waste time

I will learn from watching
I will teach by showing
I will be more conscious
I will devote to knowing

I will be compassionate
I will give more than I take
I will be grateful
I will forgive mistakes

I will reserve my judgment
I will share my opinion
I will be respectful
I will not be a minion

I will stand against oppressors
I will fight for no ones war
I will love the neglected
I will recompense more

I will deflect aggression
I will not insult
I will not flee from tyranny
I. Will. Revolt.


You’re holding on too tight

You’re holding on too tight, to demons from the past
Some will bear their crosses, but you will bear the scars

They’re timeless faint reminders, of a troubled, naive few
Picture postcard memories, of a life that we once knew

A nevus on the soul, from cuts that once ran deep
Whether you conceal it now, it’s your memory to keep

You’re not the only one, who carries all that weight
I was there remember? We shared the burdens fate

Now only time can mend the edges, of a fractured heart
And the infiniteness of time, will give the truth its chance

So bathe yourself in happiness, and wash away the mess
You’re holding on too tight, to a life you must digress

Let her walk away

Let her have her say
She’s shedding all her pain
You may be a man
But you’re not a man today

You led her all the way
She was never there for play
You took too long to tell her
That you always felt the same

It has always been this way
Now maybe it will change
A heart you took from her
And now you take the blame

Let her have her say
She deserves it just the same
And when you say you love her
Let her turn and walk away