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Dancing Elephants by Heinrich Kley Dancing Elephants by Heinrich Kley

What nobody tells you as an artist is that every project starts at the beginning. Not just the blank page, the empty stage, but that you have to re-establish your credentials and your quality every time. You can coast on reputation a little, but it doesn’t last long if you don’t deliver.

What nobody tells you is that praise—a standing ovation, a good review, your teacher’s approval—makes you feel good for a day, but one line of internet criticism from a stranger reverberates in your skull forever.

Frankly, I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

(I tried to feel bad when that critic killed himself the next year, but I didn’t.)

What nobody tells your boyfriend is that writing 3000 words in a calm, soothing, supportive environment still leaves you too tired to call home at the end of the day. So does…

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You, father time!


Oh there father of mine,
you father hope, you farther lines.

You’re always moving, on the go,
you never stop, nor ever slow.

You never lie, you sometimes bore,
you’re never gone, there’s always more.

You always spend, you never save,
with stubborn hands away you wave.

You’re always wise and never waste,
you can’t be caught, nor even chased.

You raise a son you’ve never met,
you fill the voids and ease regret.

When troubles near you quick-depart,
but then return to mend the heart.

You dictate all that came before,
and always will, forever more.

Oh there father of mine,
you father of all… You, father time!

Return to Earthling

Dreamy state of weary yearning,

Open-minded spatial learning.



Never ending,

Fragile center eclipses burning.

Gasping life, find the meaning,

Static body,

Transcendent leaving.

Cast away tension, despair and seething.

Brain’s reacting, mind is teething, lose control, gain the feeling.

Free from tangents,

Finite boundaries,

Spoken words,



Cognition trajectory, warping plasticity,

Neural pathways,


Wholly partial conscious journey,

Leaving space-

Return to earthling…