Subliminal Criminal

beautiful poetry from Maya Tsekenis.

In a dream like state
I get whisked away
Any place is better than this
A brighter corner, on a different day
I’m a sad, sad girl
And we never even kiss
Better times existed
Between us, I insisted
But lately,
You make me plead
Don’t ever come through babe
You never really do babe
The self-styled gangsta,
Nancy Sinatra
Put well when she crooned
Because I’m pretty when I cry
Could that be the reason why?
Considering it’s me you are going to lose 
I was led to believe
I sat atop your pedestal
Your true love babe is reserved for the chemical  
Rest your chemistry and lay the focus back on me
There is still potential…
Don’t be so skeptical…
Your love is elliptical 
I won’t be so cryptic though 
I’m all in for you, babe
I speak the truth, babe
I still love you, babe
It’s in the way…

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