…Said the prophet.

photo 2014-05-01 16-19-00

Board the crowded boat- then you rock it.
Find the next big thing- then you mock it.
Bite the hand that feeds- then you scoff it.
Mind will hurt and grieve… said the prophet.

Waste the time between- but don’t throw it.
Crush the hope and dream- and you know it.
Move from scene to scene- oh, come off it.
Ego will be pleased… said the prophet.

Laugh at what is said- but don’t say it.
Dues are in the red- but don’t pay it.
Hoard all of the time- then you hock it.
Weaken will the spine… said the prophet.

Make a new mistake- but don’t own it.
Turn again your back- but don’t show it.
Take another heart- then you toss it.
Soul will soon depart… said the prophet.


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