Light within the shadows


In the gentle autumn breeze
There’s a flicker in the trees,
As the light that casts a gleam
Is splintered through the leaves.

At first you will not notice
Because you’ll find it hard to focus,
As the sunlight burns the retina
While you search upon the locus.

But if you gaze for just a minute
At the shadows trapped within it,
You will see beyond the boundaries
Of this world you think is finite.

Amid darkness there is light
Which in viewing you just might,
Mistaken your own vision
When you gape the precious sight.

For in these spaces never sense’d
Like the places aforementioned,
Lay the fleeting unlocked gateways
To the alternate dimensions.

But by the time you have perceived
This percept within the trees,
Your sight will-have readjusted
And you’ll begin to disbelieve.


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